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Australia Work Holiday Visa - 3 Easy Steps

Young Irish people aged aged between 18 and 35 ar eligible for work holiday visa in Australia. Here we’ll give you the details you need to apply for the WHV visa in 3 easy steps. With assistance from our registered migration agents you have the confidence that you are dealing with a reliable and safe provider.

Based in Dublin you may contact us by telephone or make an appointment if you prefer a face to face appointment. We are available to take your calls and answer queries that you might have to ensure your visa is approved without any hiccups.

Australia Work Holiday Visa - 3 Easy Steps

Step 1

Firstly you should complete our online form with the required information. You will need an email address that you have access to as the visa grant notice will be sent via email. Also provide your passport details and mobile number. You should also have evidence of adequate savings (approx €3500).

If you have a current promo voucher you can include it. All told it should only take a couple of minutes to complete the online form.

Step 2

Once we receive the completed form we will call you by telephone to discuss your visa eligibility.

Basically we confirm your age, name and other identity details. We also need to ensure that you have no medical issues or offences/convictions. If you have, this may delay the process somewhat.

The visa consultant will also make you aware of your obligations and work options going forward as you may wish to extend your time in Australia. Complete the regional' farm' work and you could stay for up to three years.

Step 3

We ask you to pay the agreed charges for the visa application. You may pay by card securely online, over the telephone or bank transfer; you choose the preferred payment method.

You will be issued with payment receipt as confirmation of the payment.

Step 1, 2, & 3 Now Complete

With all the steps completed sit back and let us get your visa application underway. Our migration consultant will have the final process completed and sent to the australian Government .

Processing time for your visa can depend on your passport country and other complexities. Some applications are scrutinised for every detail but this is not our experience. Using the services of professional will speed up the process and although we can't make promises we are experiencing quick outcomes.

Keep your fingers crossed and keep an eye on your inbox, good news is coming your way!

Visa Grant Letter

The Australia working holiday visa is electronically linked to your passport, no need for a passport label. Keep a digital copy of the grant letter on your smartphone, bring your passport, hop on the next flight and say hello to sunshine and fun times down under.

Apply Today!

Australia is truly a fantastic country to visit, the opportunities to work and play are endless. The fact that it is possible to make money while traveling throughout Australia is a dream come true for many, and by following these easy steps, you can make your dream come through.

Apply now and beat the Xmas rush. Travel to Australia is a new years resolution you will never regret!

Speak with our registered Migration Agent today.

Oz Visa - Dublin

Australia Immigration Consultants

License: 1789997


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