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Work Holiday Visa Australia

Australia Work & Holiday Visa

Australia 417 Work Holiday Visa

For young Irish people the Australia Work Holiday Visa is the ideal choice to experience life down under.  When planning an adventure in Australia this WHV visa lets you work and travel while making decent money. Why not spend the next three years living the Australian dream! Be the envy of your friends (or take them along). 

OK We Get It! You're not reading this to be entertained! You just want a WHV visa for travel to Australia because you cannot get into the land of Oz without one!

Australia Visa - Work & Travel

The Australia Work Holiday Visa (WHV) let's you travel, work and holiday. This is an amazing opportunity for those who wish to experience the Ozzie lifestyle. When you undertake regional work you may stay for up to 3 years to work, surf and party! 

Work & holiday visa is the ideal choice for Irish travellers and backpackers with limited funds or for people on a gap year. If you are a student or you just want a career break then this is the visa for you.

For Irish & UK passport holders the eligibility age limit has been increased to 35yo, that's the good news! Australia has reciprocal Working Holiday visa arrangements in effect with Ireland, the UK and many other countries. Ireland however is one of the few lucky countries with the higher age concession. Get in quick before your 36th birthday!


Your first WHV visa must be lodged while you are in your home country (not Australia). As part of our expert service we advise and complete the application on your behalf. We also liaise with the Australia immigration department until your visa is decided. All you have to do is sit back and let it happen😬


Following your first Working Holiday visa you may extend your stay for a second and third year. You can do this while you are in Australia (you do not need to leave Australia during the visa process.

WHV visa can be pathway to employer sponsored visa and Permanent Residency (PR) or even Australian Citizenship if this is your ultimate goal. 

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Work Holiday Visa Australia


2023 - VOTED 


How Long Can I Stay - Work Holiday Visa?

In most cases the Working Holiday Visa is the ideal choice for young people who wish to live in in Australia as a temporary resident whether its for 12 months, 3 years or longer.

If you wish to stay for a longer period there are several pathways that can be explored. You could obtain employer sponsorship, meet an Ozzie partner or if you have a skill that's in demand perhaps go straight to PR. We can help you through the quagmire, it's our job. 

For now gather a groups of friends and go - thats our solid advice!


Michael has been a pleasure to work with

Professional, organised & knowledgeable

Our visa was approved, I can't thank these guys enough

" The consultation process was very informative, thanks Michael.

I got my visa within a week and they helped with any questions that I had. Would highly recommend Oz Visa

Australia Work Visa 417

Work Holiday Visa - Apply Here

If You Hold An Irish or UK Passport, We Are Accepting Visa Applications Right Now!

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A number of basic requirements should be met to ensure eligibility for this visa. Firstly you should be of good health, secondly you should not be in debt to the Australian Government. Thirdly you should have no previous visa cancellations/refusals and lastly you should be of good character (ie no convictions/offences). 
If any of the above apply to your circumstances it's not the end of the road but you should speak with our expert Registered Migration Agent (RMA) for solid advice.
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Good Health & Character - Australia Visa

Work Holiday Visa Australia

Work Holiday Visa Australia - FAQ

Below is a selection of our most frequently asked questions about Work Holiday Visa Australia. The topics and answers are general in nature and should not be regarded as specific to your circumstances. Speak with one of our Dublin based Registered Migration Consultants for professional advice. 

Am I Eligible For A  Work Holiday Visa Australia?

Young Irish People between the ages of 18-35 may apply for a Work Holiday Visa in Australia.

How Much Does An Australian Working Holiday Visa Cost?

Currently the Australian 417 Work & Holiday Visa will cost: AUD $635.00
Generally Government visa charges are increased in July at the start of the financial year.

How Long Can I Stay On A Work Holiday Visa in Australia?

Holding your first work holiday visa you may stay for up to 12 months. To  extend your stay for a further period of 12 to 24 months you should undertake regional work to qualify for subsequent 417 visa.

Can I Study On A Work Holiday Visa?

Yes you may study for up to 4 months holding the work holiday visa. If you wish to study for longer periods apply for a Student Visa.

Should I Get Travel or Health Insurance?

It is recommended that you have adequate insurance for your trip. Ensure the policy allows you to stay in Australia for the validity of the visa (12 months). Backpacker insurance can be a good option. Find Out More

I Have A Conviction Can I Still Get An Australian Visa?

Depending upon the nature of the conviction or offence  you may still qualify for the Work Holiday Visa In Australia. We can advise you further HERE

Can I Leave Australia Holding the Visa?

Yes you may travel outside and re-enter Australia while the Work Holiday visa is valid (within the 12 months). Multiple entries are permitted.

Do I Need To Pass An English Language Test?

If you hold an Irish or UK passport you do not need to sit an English Language test for the work holiday visa.

How Can I Apply For Work Holiday Visa?

We are accepting applications for the Work Holiday visa. Our Dublin based Migrations Agents are on hand to submit your application. 

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Australia Work Holiday Visa FAQ

Can I work With Any Employer On This Visa?

You may work for one employer for a maximum of 6 months duration. You may undertake work of any description. This regulation takes effect  January 2023.

Can I work In Australia With An Irish Passport?

Yes you may work in Australia holding an Irish passport. You will however need a visa with work rights. If you are under 35yo the Australia Work Holiday Visa may suit your needs.

How Long Will The Visa Take To Be Approved?

We are experiencing quick visa decisions at the moment. Due to labour shortages in Australia the Government have allocated additional resources to speed up the decision process. Get in quick! Contact Us NOW

I Am 35yo Can I Apply Now?

Before your 36th birthday make the online application for the Work Holiday Visa. If you are 36yo or over you may be eligible for an alternative Skilled Visa.

Can I Include My Dependents On This Visa?

Under 18yo cannot get this visa. Anyone over 18yo should make an application for a separate WHV.

Have a Medical Condition Can I Get The Visa?

Medical conditions should be declared in the visa application. You may be requested to sit for a health assessment to satisfy the health requirement.

How Much Money Do I Need For Work Holiday Visa?

It is recommended that you have adequate funds for the visa. About €3000 (AUD$5000) is sufficient amount to have in your bank.

Fun Visa-Fact

This visa is for youngish people -18 to 35yrs who are keen to work and holiday in Australia. With this visa you may stay in Australia for up to 3 years with the advantage of work rights. 


A holiday down under supplemented by any work you can pick up along the way. 

Too good eh, don't get left out!

First Time - 417

WHV Visa is activated on the date you set foot in Australia. Congratulations your first 12 months has begun! You can come and go as you please.


Stay legit! Before your first work holiday visa ceases complete seasonal work to gain the extra 12 months to stay lawfully in Australia. 

What's Next?

🎶 🎶 Should I Stay or should I go now.

A working holiday visa for Australia allows you to do just that. Take a fun holiday whilst working and earning some dosh along the way. Apply now in 3 Easy Steps. Go For IT...

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