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Australia Work Holiday Visa | Best Visa 2024

The Australian Work Holiday Visa Programme is a unique opportunity for young Irish travellers to experience life down under. Australia has long been a popular gap year destination for students or those that just want a career break. Make your dreams come through, get the best Work Holiday Visa Australia has to offer.

Earning good money while you work, travel and party in this amazing country is an opportunity not to be missed.

How Long Can I Stay On the Work Holiday Visa?

When your WHV visa is granted, you'll have up to 12 months to enter Australia. Once approved you may stay for 12 months holding a Work Holiday Visa. Importantly you may enter and leave Australia as often as you like during the 12 month visa validity period.

If you plan to work In Australia remember you're free to take any job with any employer, however there is a work condition to look out for. You may only work for one employer during a six month period (condition 8547). This is not a big deal as we're sure you will be eager to explore and experience all the wonderful sights Australia has to offer.

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Work Holiday Visa Australia

What Is The Age Limit For Work Holiday Visa In Australia?

Age requirements for the Australia work holiday visa depends upon your country of passport. To be eligible for a Working Holiday Visa (417) you'll need to have a valid Irish or UK passport. Young Irish travellers can get the first Work Holiday visa if you are aged between 18-35yo.

If you are holding a UK passport you should be aged between 18-35yo. The age restriction was revised in July 2023 in line with the new UK-Australia Free Trade Agreement.

For all passport holders you'll need to meet certain health and character requirements (no convictions/offences). You may also be asked to provide a police certificate. If you are unsure ask us.

How Much Does It Cost to Apply For An Australian Work Holiday Visa?

Department of Home Affairs charges at the moment stand at AUD$650.00. You may pay the visa application charges with aud$ or euro€ at the time of application.

Note: Gov application charges were increased on 01 July 2024.

Following lodgement the visa is usually approved in a short timeframe. We are witnessing quick turnaround times for this visa stream with good quality evidence.

When issued the subclass 417 work holiday visa will be electronically linked to your passport, you will not get a visa label. Travel to Australia within the timeframe permitted, you cannot extend the WHV visa if you miss the first entry deadline.

When you pass Australia immigration you may be required to show adequate funds for your trip and return flights. Usually a bank statement with a balance of €3500 will meet this requirement. Make sure you have access to the funds.

2nd Work Holiday Visa

Most young people will have ambitions to stay longer than the initial 12 months in Australia. To be eligible for the second work holiday visa you should complete min 3 months of regional 'specified work'. Complete this regional work during the first 12 months. To stay for a third year you should complete minimum 6 months of 'specified work' in regional Australia.

Don't get caught out please, please complete the regional work requirement as soon as you arrive in Australia to avoid complications later. Many people cannot get the second WHV visa simply because they left it too late to complete the regional work requirement.

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Work Holiday Visa Australia

Effective July 2024 UK passport holders do not need to meet the specified work requirement to be granted a second or third Working Holiday (subclass 417) visa if they lodge their application on or after 1 July 2024.

These new arrangements are only available to applicants who use a passport issued by the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland to lodge their visa application.

Have you exhausted all other means and you still don't want to come home?

To stay legit in Australia you need a visa, play your cards right and perhaps you can obtain employer sponsorship if your skill is on the occupations list. You may even fall in love with an Ozzie (or Kiwi), enter a defacto relationship and submit a partner visa.

Australia is a truly fantastic country, there are endless opportunities for work, play and live in Australia if this is your goal. A working holiday in Australia is a chance not just to work and travel throughout Australia, but to discover yourself beyond your comfort zone in a stunningly beautiful country.

Ask us NOW about your work visa options in Australia, we'll happily get you on the right track to a new life down under.

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