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Tourist Visa Australia - How To Apply

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

Travelling to Australia for a holiday is an experience of a life time not to be missed. Irish, UK and EU citizens should have a valid visa to enter Australia. When you check in or board the plane the airline may not permit you to board if your visa is not valid.

Please submit your visa application well before departure. It's even recommended to have a visa before you book any flights.

Australian holiday visas are approved quite quickly, usually within a few days but some may take longer. If your travel is of an urgent nature we will prioritise your application.

Ireland's No1 Australia Visa Specialists.

Oz Visa are recognised and qualified visa experts for Australia. We help with visitor visas, ETA visa or any visa for Australia. If you wish to travel, work or live in Australia then make us your 1st stop. We are Ireland's No1 Australia visa specialists.

Do I Need A Visa To Visit Australia From Ireland?

Yes, Irish citizens need to apply for the Australian Holiday visa to travel to Australia from Ireland. Likewise UK & EU citizens will also need a tourist visa. This type of visa permits you to visit Australia (multiple entry visa) as many times during the 12 month validity.

You may travel for a maximum of 3 months for each visit on the tourist visa. If you need to stay longer we can help with your visa options.

Can I Extend My Australia Visitor Visa?

Usually no, the tourist visa cannot be extended, However if you find that you need a longer stay another type of visa may be appropriate.

How Will I Receive My Australian Visitors Visa?

The holiday visa is electronically linked to your passport. To reduce administration visa labels are no longer issued. When the tourist visa is decided you will receive the notice by email. Keep or print the visa grant notice and take it with you.

Usually your passport should have 6 months or more validity remaining.

Also remember if you renew or replace your passport you should apply for a new Australian holiday visa to ensure stress free travel.

Holiday Visa - Start Now!

If you intend to visit Australia for a holiday you may apply for an Australian Tourist Visa with Oz Visa. There is no need to create an online account or other complicated steps.

Just complete the short online form, select your preferred call back time and let us do the rest!

As soon as your visitor visa is approved you will receive a text message and an email as confirmation with the approval notice (pdf). We can even post the approval notice to your home if you prefer.

Do not stress let us do the hard work, it's what we do!

Click Here to start the process or call our helpful team: 01) 621 5669

Oz Visa | Australia Visa Centre

⦿ 77 Camden Street Lower, D 2.

⦿ 01) 621 5669

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